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Refugio del Gavilán is found in the Chocó rainforest, which is a region of very high biodiversity and high endemism, which means some of the species that live here cannot be found in any other part of the world! This type of forest exists today because of its isolation from the Amazon and the Humbolt air current which provide high annual rainfall and a tropical climate.

For example, the Chocó houses:

900 species of birds (more than 100 endemics)

210 species of reptiles (63 endemics)

235 species of mammals (60 endemics)

350 species of amphibians (210 endemics)

10,000 species of vascular plants (2,500 endemics)

Overall, nearly 25% of all plants and animals are endemic!


Refugio del Gavilán is located in the larger Mache-Chindul Ecological Reserve, which is located in Esmeraldas province in northwestern Ecuador. The nearest large town is Quininde. It is possible to travel to the Refugio in one day, using public transportation and leaving early in the morning from Quito.


La alta pluviosidad, la condición tropical y su aislamiento han contribuido para hacer de la región del Chocó una de las más diversas del planeta con:

900 especies de aves (más de 100 endémicas)

210 especies de reptiles (63 endémicas)

235 especies de mamíferos (60 endémicas)

350 especies de anfibios (210 endémicas)

10,000 especies de plantas vasculares (2,500 endémicas)

Hay un alto nivel de endemismo: aproximadamente el 25% de las especies de plantas y animales